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1-bedroom apartment
Sofia / Krustova Vada district
Sofia region, Bulgaria
Area: 72.42 sq.m Bedrooms: 1 Floor: 2 Number of floors: 9
  115,875 (VAT excl.)
One-room apartment No. A-23 in RUHouse 2 in "Krastova Vada" district
2-bedroom apartment
Sofia / Krustova Vada district
Sofia region, Bulgaria
Area: 106.42 sq.m Bedrooms: 2 Floor: 2 Number of floors: 9
  170,000 (VAT excl.)
Three-room apartment No. A-22 in RUHouse 2 in Krastova Vada quarter
-6% Discounted
2-bedroom apartment
Sofia / Manastirski Livadi district
Sofia region, Bulgaria
Area: 234.23 sq.m Bedrooms: 2 Floor: 7 Number of floors: 9
702,702   664,050
Spacious two-bedroom apartment for sale in a luxury building
Plovdiv / Center district
Plovdiv region, Bulgaria
Building area: 268 sq.mPlot area: 125 sq.m Bedrooms: 4 Floor: 2 Number of floors: 2
  395,000 (VAT excl.)
Two-storey house in the center of Plovdiv opposite Dondukova Garden
-16% Discounted
2-bedroom apartment
Varna / Morska gradina district
Varna region, Bulgaria
Area: 168 sq.m Bedrooms: 2 Floor: 4 Number of floors: 4
695,000   589,000
2-bedroom apartment in Varna
Burgas region, Bulgaria
Building area: 363 sq.mPlot area: 105 sq.m Bedrooms: 5 Number of floors: 3
<span style='color:red'>Special offer!</span> House near Yacht Club and Interhotel Pomorie
near Veliko Tarnovo
Veliko Tarnovo region, Bulgaria
Building area: 140 sq.mPlot area: 1980 sq.m Bedrooms: 2 Number of floors: 1
Renovated farmhouse in excellent condition in a village 45 km. from Veliko Tarnovo
-12% Discounted
Factory, Industrial
Gabrovo / Borovo district
Gabrovo region, Bulgaria
Area: 1800 sq.m
179,000   159,000
Factory for production of furniture in Gabrovo
2-bedroom apartment
Sofia / Vitosha district
Sofia region, Bulgaria
Area: 218.55 sq.m Bedrooms: 2 Floor: 2 Number of floors: 5
Luxuriously furnished three-room apartment in an elite residential complex
-30% Discounted
near Dryanovo
Gabrovo region, Bulgaria
Building area: 200 sq.mPlot area: 550 sq.m
30,000   21,000
Old Stone School in a clean area between towns Dryanovo and Tryavna
-66% Discounted
Industrial building
near Dryanovo
Gabrovo region, Bulgaria
Area: 2000 sq.m Number of floors: 2
350,000   120,000
Factory for sale near Veliko Tarnovo
3-bedroom apartment
Sofia / Lozenets district
Sofia region, Bulgaria
Area: 177 sq.m Bedrooms: 3 Floor: 5 Number of floors: 7
  831,900 (VAT excl.)
Elegant, spacious apartment in Lozenets for sale
-46% Discounted
near Dryanovo
Gabrovo region, Bulgaria
Area: 504 sq.m
35,000   19,000
Old school in a village located between towns Dryanovo and Kilifarevo
near Tryavna
Gabrovo region, Bulgaria
Building area: 300 sq.mPlot area: 700 sq.m
Former school yard in a small village in close proximity to lovely town Tryavna
-28% Discounted
Veliko Tarnovo region, Bulgaria
Area: 930 sq.m Bedrooms: 12 Floor: 3
1,300,000   946,000
Fully equipped hotel, a restaurant, a house and a yard in the center of popular Arbanassi village

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