Our business ethics

  • First of all, we NEVER PUSH YOU! Thanks to our professional experience, we can advise and consult with you, give you the facts and make recommendations. But you are the one who makes the final decision.
  • We give you HONEST opinions. Contrary to common opinion, we never lie or manipulate our clients and we never hide any important facts from you.
  • We treat our clients AS OUR FRIENDS! Forget about other agents, who just want to close deals and receive their commission as quickly as possible.
  • We strongly believe in the WIN-WIN scenario. We strongly believe that in todays world any property deal should be beneficial for all parties involved. With so much information available globally and such a huge supply of properties, conditions are ideal for buyers and investors in Bulgaria to find suitable opportunities and get the best deal for them.
  • We make our money through HARD WORK and offering a PROFESSIONAL SERVICE! Of course, we are here to make money but we earn it through sharing our valuable knowledge and providing a professional service that saves our clients time and money.

Our goals in business

  • To remain #1 Bulgarian real estate agency, preferred by foreign buyers and investors.
  • To provide the highest quality professional services related to real estate in Bulgaria.
  • To offer the most affordable property prices and optimum financial conditions to our clients, including the provision of financial solutions that some of our customers may require.
  • To build the biggest database of property listings in Bulgaria.
  • To employ the top property specialists and grow our teams of professional agents.
  • To constantly develop our marketing platforms, keeping them up-to-date with the latest and most efficient marketing and sales technologies anywhere in the world.
  • To constantly grow our company and increase its presence by covering new locations and employing more agents, and by re-investing most of our profit back into the business.
  • To constantly develop new overseas markets for Bulgarian properties and attract buyers and investors from more and more nations.
  • To provide the best working conditions to our employees and unparalleled opportunities for a business career in one of the leading real estate agencies in Bulgaria.
  • To build a sustainable business model that will guarantee the well-being of our company and employees.

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